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Monday, July 2, 2012

How are you faring on your 2012 resolutions?

We are now midway through 2012. It has been a hectic start of the year and as we keep up the pace on the second phase, a pause to reflect on the journey so far could be a welcome idea. The pause is important just to provide a self-facilitated guide on whether we are on the right track towards our 2012 goal. Allow me to remind you that at the start of the year, we took time to reflect on the year ahead and listed a number of resolutions for the year 2012. Looking back at our performance so far could just be what we need to ensure we remain true to our personal commitments. I suggest we consider three important resolutions most of us may have made in January 2012.

Self Supervision: Remember the consideration you had about the need to be more self supervised? You may have suggested that through this year, you will want to remain true to your workplace calling and meet the deadlines and targets even when no one is watching. You may have committed to ensure that you report to work early even when the boss is on leave and to be at work throughout the prescribed working hours. You may have considered the need to ensure you do not use your office stationery for personalized engagements neither would you divert to pursue personal business while on official trips.

Work-life balance: In a bid to make your work life more productive, you made commitments to be more available with yourself and with other spheres of your life beyond the job engagements. You committed to ensure are are at work for a specified number of hours and have quality time with your family and friends. As you might remember, you may have suggested to yourself that it will be important throughout this year to check on your leave schedule to ensure you take time off from work at certain intervals to ensure you refuel your system and be on ‘a regular service’ just like a motor vehicle would. It could be that you made a personal commitment to join a gym in your neighbourhood to check on your unfitness as reflected severally when climbing up the staircase. It could be that you bid farewell to the lift at your workplace and gladly considered the possibilities of befriending the staircase, at least going up 3 floors by the stairway every day.

Career progression: This appears as one of those key resolutions that we all seem to share. We consider the possibilities of growing in our careers, working through means of enhancing our visibility at work. To this end, you could have planned for an extra professional course and was willing to set aside some resources for self sponsorship. There could have the suggestion of joining a professional body in line with your career interests and had started off contacts with the group on requirements of membership and the calendar of events for the year. As a way of bolstering your linkages with other professionals, you could have joined LinkedIn social network and hoped to keep abreast of the goings on in the sector and had committed to be an active member by way of engaging other professionals on issues that interest you.

Great were the resolutions. As we come to the middle of the year, how are you fairing? Out of the issues you committed to pursuing especially with regard to your career growth, how are you fairing? On a scale of 1 to 10, one being very poor and 10 being excellent, where are you on the scale? What percentage of the resolutions have you started working on? Mine is to wish you well. Keeping up to the promise may not be easy but with focus, you will have yourself to congratulate 6 months down the lane with positive results. I will checkout on you in December 2012 on the final lap results.

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