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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This could be the time to move

This could be the time to move

Words by Francis Kahihu (the author is an Organisational Development Practitioner)

The end of the year is one of the most lucrative moments with job interviews. The season reflects most of the characteristics of the transfer period in the football sector. This is a season when employees are ‘bought’ while others are released to join other ‘clubs’. It is almost expected that many staff desire starting new years at different work environments hence a natural reason to make that long overdue move. It is also a season when some employers seek to inject new blood and energy into their workforce as they strategise for the following year.

But just how do we position ourselves for the season? Do we seek to move because it is the right season to move or do we have adequate reason why a move may be the better thing to do? As much as this could be the most natural period to make the move, the plans to move should have been consolidated several months ago so that you utilise this season to basically make the final moves for the shift. You should not wake up and decide to move from club Z to X since the transfer period has dawned. But for those who are set for the move, you may want to consider the following tips as you get set for the anticipated migration.

Review your CV: Your CV is one of the key marketing tools that you possess. It is just time you made a review of the CV. In doing this, enumerate your achievements over the last 12 months. Think through all the targets and goals you had at the start of the year and critically think through your achievements in a manner that is quantifiable. Have measurable indicators of your achievements. Do not just indicate what you were meant to do as part of your job description. Develop a list of the critical achievements you had and show how the successes can be attributed to your efforts.

Show achievement of this year’s resolutions: making promises and keeping them is one of the challenges many people have. Remember the resolutions you made for this year that is about to close and evaluate how well or poorly you have fared. It is helpful to take a moment to analyse you own performance so that as you seek to make the move, you have indicators of success throughout this year should you be required to show proof of progress.

Show your motivation to move and your goals for the following year: People should not make career or job moves for the sake of moving. You should be able to show the reason why you really wish to take the step forward. This should be communicated in a manner that speaks of thought through reasons not just indicating you are tired and want to move. Indicating reasons related to how the move aligns with your career objectives could be acceptable before interview panels.

Finally, it should be clear to you that you are not moving either because it is good to move at the end of the year or because your colleagues and friends are moving. The motivation to move should be internal and should not be mounted by external forces. Internal motivation provides positive fuel and enhances confidence when accosted to explain why you wish to make the move.

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  1. I totally agree with you.there is no better time to move than at the beginning of the year.I can't wait.


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