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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celebrating the office noise makers

Celebrating the office noise makers

Words by Frrancis Kahihu:

Peter has been with his employer for the last 6 months. He seems to really appreciate his new workplace as the opportunities for learning seem to be presenting themselves every other day. He feels that this was the most important decision for him as he is now poised for the realization of the career dreams he had held for many years. He seems to enjoy everything about the new environment except one thing. There is this young man at his office who is just a bother around him. When he first interacted with the man, he thought the experience was just a passing cloud. He used to consider the man such a noise maker around the office and looked forward to the day when he would get tired of making noise and start living the quite life that Peter expected of workmates.

6 months down the lane, the colleague seems to be gathering steam with each coming day. His stories at work never seem to near the end, and the jokes seem to be getting hotter and hotter. The other day, Peter decided to share his frustrations with a few of his close workmates and to his shock, he was requested to adjust himself to accommodate the noisy colleague since he is not about to go mute. Welcome to the world of office sanguines. These are people who are wired to make people laugh. They are the entertainment machines in every place they find themselves.

They have energy and enthusiasm in virtually all engagements. Whenever there is a task to be undertaken at the office and no one seems eager to take up the challenge, trust the office sanguine to volunteer to coordinate and easily mobilize other people to join in. Some of the tasks that initially seemed gigantic all of a sudden become the pleasure of everyone else. The work is undertaken with such joy that the difficulty is turned into a joyful team building exercise.

Sanguines usually start in flashy ways. They desire to be noticed and would travel miles to make a statement about their presence. They declare their presence by their captivating voices and flashy attires. They never mind attention and would seek for it at whatever cost. Sometimes, people at work could be tempted to label them as the gongs since sanguines feel the pain of silence. When they join a small team of people having chitchat, they colonise the discussion and make their story, the main story. Because of this, some workmates tend to be drawn away from them since they struggle with the appreciation of the sanguine’s domineering tendencies.

The sanguine however is a personality that needs careful management because they can have negative impacts on other people at work. As they get preoccupied with the flamboyance of their engagements with other people, they easily get distracted from their obligations. They tend to pick on what is hot when it is hot and fail to follow though tasks to their logical conclusion. They hence need close supervision to ensure they are shaped when still hot. They can deliver great results but with close support. It works best to give the sanguine targets that can be met within short periods of time. They are in love with quick results. They lack the patience to wait and can easily demoralize a team if results take long in manifesting. Their confidence fades fast.

Since the sanguine would rather talk, it is needful to have people who work around them support in pushing them towards set objectives. So long as they feel appreciated and their talk and jokes have ready consumers, sanguines can serve as real motivating factors at work. They are the spice that makes staff to cover long distances without feeling the fatigue since laughter removes attention from the toil to the fun of working together. Should you have a sanguine at your workplace, learn to appreciate them and support them through their processes so that they do not entertain others and end up losing their jobs for failure to meet their targets.

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