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Thursday, September 27, 2012

How do you respond to negative info about a potential employer?

This month, we have been focusing on concerns that mainly border on the job search process. Arising from the experiences of readers, today, we want to share thoughts on how to respond in situations where you receive negative reviews from friends about your potential employer. Job search is arguably one of the most draining processes that most of us go through.

We all look forward to the appointment letters that would symbolize the end of the struggles moving from office to office looking for employment. But after successfully going an interview, what you when after effectively negotiating for the terms of service and just when you have a few weeks to report, you learn of negative things about your potential employer? Would you assume the issues as hearsays or rumors and push on with your resolve to join the employer? Or would you reconsider your decision? What would the repercussions?

Catherine went through this experience firsthand a couple of months and shares her experiences. It was her dream job at a dream employer. Everything had worked out well for her and she was satisfied that God had eventually come through for her through the job search process. But 2 weeks before the reporting date, a close friend who got to learn of her impending move called her and pleaded with her to reconsider her decisions. According to the friend, the company Kate was about to join was known for violating the rights of the employees. It was alleged that the company had registered many cases of harassment of new female staff members by male supervisors and no action was ever taken against the perpetrators.

Kate considered herself an upright lady who would not bend for anything at the workplace. After consulting a few other persons who had close relations with staff at the company, Kate verified the fears and had to now decide her next move. In this dilemma, she sought for professional advice.

This can be a truly depressing position to find yourself in. It is important to note as people seek for employment, they are guided by not only the task they are to undertake, but also for the brand they are to work for. I have actually heard of people who are driven more by the desire to be associated with certain brand more than the specific work they are to do. In this case, you will want to be sure that the company is attractive and any mention of significant negatives about the desired employer should be a reason to be worried.
It is however important to dig deeper beyond the face allegations you hear from friends and former employees of the company just in case it is a rumor emanating from enemies of the employer. It just could be that the person raising your hairs about the employer could have had personal quarrels with the company that have nothing to do with the culture of the organization.

It is quite commendable that after listening to all the voices, Kate eventually decided to seek for professional advice. This is important. It is important since professional career advisers could support with getting quick and objectives reviews about the said employer. This information could help you in making a decision out of objective feedback and not necessarily based on personal experiences.

In case when you get the references that tend to confirm the fears, it may be late to make an about turn since you would have already engaged your mind for the job. Go on and report at your workplace armed with this information. The wisdom drawn from a West African proverb is helpful. Surprise can beat even the strongest. The information you have about the employer would help you set up your guards as you report and engage with the employer.

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