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Monday, January 9, 2012

Embracing Excellence at Work

The calendar days have started counting and sooner than later, we will start the countdown to the end of the year. As we reflect on how the last year ran, we might be considering resolutions moving forward into 2012. In addition to the resolutions you could be contemplating, I would suggest an extra one. Seek to embrace excellence in whatever you do this year. 

Excellence is a state of mind that involves seeking to be the best we can be. We get to appreciate our inner capacities and the requirements of certain jobs and tasks and commit to be the best we can be at them. We draw energies and motivation from within to produce results that amaze both ourselves and those around us. The pursuit of excellence is one known means of reflecting intrinsic motivation at work. We determine our own goals and means of achieving them and get down to doing what we desired to do.

The passion to be excellent at work pulls us from cocoons of self-pity and disillusionment when we realize we can produce results that make our work environment a satisfying place. There are however two main reasons why many workers today struggle with the pursuit of excellence.

Dislike for what one does

 A study undertaken among Kenyan university students a couple of years ago indicated that more than 50% of the sampled students did not like the courses they were pursuing. Many felt like they had been coerced either by the Joint Admissions Board or by their parents and guardians to pursue the programs. With this experience, many did not appreciate what they were doing for the 4 years they were on campus. Unless a miracle happens to such persons, they carry over the dislike to the jobs they eventually land.

I have heard many staff indicate that they are just holding on to what they are currently pursuing as they have no other option. This can be a time wasting season and denies the staff passion for what they do. Excellence is never a concern since they feel misplaced and mismatched. These staff hence just work to earn the pay cheque with no motivation to do more than what is barely expected of them.

Dislike for where one works 

Do you like where you work? Do you feel motivated to produce better results for your employer? Assuming there are no performance targets, would you do half of what you do at your workplace? There are many workers who love their field of work but have no attraction for their employer. Due to this psychological removal from their employer, the staff never think out of the box and never work to produce better results than what is on the job description.
Regardless of the motivation for the lackluster performance, the worker denies herself the opportunity to grow and shine and fails to become what she should. You lose the chance to learn and impede your chances for career progression. Failure to pursue excellence also robs you of the satisfaction that is drawn from excellent performance, whether appreciated by your employer or not.

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  1. well said.we all need to have passion in all that we pursue,especially our professions inorder to deliver the best


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